Insecurities around money

Updated: Jun 17

This weeks podcast episode is all about overcoming any insecurities you have around money so that you can be an open vessel to receive with ease. I've already had several of you message me and tell me it was such an eye opener! If you haven't listened to it, make sure to do that now!

The assignment you have in this life is to master something you didn’t quite embody and embrace in a past life. ⠀ There are clues and hints everywhere as to what this is for you. Ask yourself what keeps coming up? What patterns and stories seem to repeat throughout your existence in this life? ⠀ I use a multitude of techniques and rituals to help get my clients results but one thing I do has really bred tremendous success with their ability to manifest money and show up for themselves! ⠀ By taking my clients on a journey through their past lives, they are able to see who they were, what they did and what they need to embody in this life in order to have the massive success they want. ⠀ I’ve had multiple clients come out of this and completely shift their life and EXPAND their business like never before. It’s not just about the money they wind up receiving. It’s about being in full alignment and at peace with who they are. Remember, our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world.



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