Angel numbers-signs your manifestations are coming

This week we are chatting about angel numbers. If you are into the law of attraction and manifestation you have probably heard of the term "angel numbers". If not, let me break it down for you.

Angel numbers are a way for the Universe to communicate with us and send us signs and messages. Need confirmation that what you are manifesting is on its way? Ask the Universe for a sign. Looking for guidance as to whether you are on the right path? Ask the Universe to send you confirmation. Below I've listed a very general meaning of angel numbers. When you begin to see them, know that you have manifested the necessary signs to guide you .

111- Trust your gut. Continue to dive deeper into your spirituality.

222- You are on the right track and your desires will come to fruition.

333- Mind, body and spirit. Make sure you are honoring all three when you see this sign.

444- The angels are protecting and guiding you. Continue on your path.

555- Change is coming. Shifts are happening so things can fall into place.

666- Take a step back to analyze things a little better.

777- A sign that your dreams are coming true. Release any fear.

888- Money is on its way to you!

999- Finish what you have started to make room for what is to come.

1111- You are in alignment and this is your reminder.

Once you begin to open your subconscious mind to receiving guidance, you will start to notice these numbers everywhere. They can be on a license plate in front of you while you're in traffic, or a phone number listed on a sign or billboard. These numbers can present themselves anywhere. Make sure you are not "forcing" trying to find them as they will show up when you least expect it and that's how you know you are aligned with your higher self. Happy manifesting!

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